Preparing for my holiday!!!!!

So my holiday is this month….you can never be too organised in getting the holiday essentials ready and organised. I have chosen my favourites for you to see…. Eye shadow palette are a must…ok so when I go on holiday I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, one I can’t be bothered, two weContinue reading “Preparing for my holiday!!!!!”

Summertime is around the corner…I’ve been buying all sorts to get me ready!

I have recently been to Superdrug (one of my New favourite shops) the offers they have on all the time is just every girls dream! I have been looking for a while for an SPF30 sun lip protector. Solait are doing one at the moment for by one get another Solait product half price. MyContinue reading “Summertime is around the corner…I’ve been buying all sorts to get me ready!”

Eye Shadow Pallets & What I Have Found…

Hi all… 🙂 Recently I have been on the look out for eyeshadow pallets and have I found a lot of gems. It has been an on going thing for a while, back when I was around 16-17 I always loved makeup but never found any eyeshadows that would last the whole day, I wouldContinue reading “Eye Shadow Pallets & What I Have Found…”

New Beauty Launches

Beauty brands Launch their amazing beauty/make-up treats soon, our first brand are TooFaced – see the link to their Instagram – They are launching a Gingerbread Spice Eye Shadow pallet collection, which will be available in the UK on the 5th October…Perfect to get your hands on for the Christmas season. If you thoughtContinue reading “New Beauty Launches”

My Beauty Picks For This Summer🙌🏼💗

Welcome back…. so I thought I would do a random Beauty Blog as I have so many hot picks for this summer that I couldn’t not share them with you. So here they are….enjoy! First up we have the Maybelline Pallet for your face! The perfect Highlighter Pallet. Beautiful soft colours to really show offContinue reading “My Beauty Picks For This Summer🙌🏼💗”