My New Summer Wardrobe & Accessories!

It’s been a good few months that I have started adding to my wardrobe. I thought with me turning 30 in July that I needed to re-vamp my clothes/accessories/shoes – EVERYTHING!! As I mentioned in a previous blog I emptied out my wardrobe last December to January this year and I mean emptied. I haveContinue reading “My New Summer Wardrobe & Accessories!”

My Top looks for December…

I have been on the look out for my new top’s what I found. White Knitted Jumper £8.99 from H&M they go great with the suit trousers and black turtle neck. Casual but dressy. Great look! I do love the winter months and I think you can really dress up yourselves and your wardrobe.Continue reading “My Top looks for December…”

Marks & Spencer’s Drop Their Collection..

Oh boy, Marks & Spencer’s have really caught people’s eye this month, with their new season collection dropping just before Autumn hits. Let me tell you, they have revamped their style so much that even Holly Willoughby has signed up to be their new Ambassador! How amazing. I have a few top picks for youContinue reading “Marks & Spencer’s Drop Their Collection..”

Little Mistress London Reviews….

As the weather is changing and Autumn is slowly creeping in, we can all feel very lethargic with no motivation, but instead of going down the slippery slope to a complete vegetative state why not revamp your wardrobe in the latest Autumn/Winter fashion pieces from none other than Little Mistress London! They are a realContinue reading “Little Mistress London Reviews….”