Emily in Paris: Autumn Style

I feel like Autumn has come around quite quickly, simply because just a few weeks ago nit was 26 degrees and I remember thinking for September this heat is unreal. But a week later and I have worn my first woolly jumper, a coat and winter boots. It’s crazy. I do love the seasons thoughContinue reading “Emily in Paris: Autumn Style”

What I have done through lockdown…

Firstly I hope everyone is staying safe…although I have always wanted a break from work I never imagined it would actually happen, and I would never wish it in these circumstances as it has been dreadful for some families. I have tried to keep busy, there have been days where I have just done absolutelyContinue reading “What I have done through lockdown…”

The signs Christmas is coming & my favourite things about this time of year….

This is my favourite time of year, I don’t feel you can beat the feel of the festive season, although it is so cold outside it fills you with such warmth and happiness.  Leaves changing colour….I love this stage as it’s one of the first things we see to tell us that the season isContinue reading “The signs Christmas is coming & my favourite things about this time of year….”


Over October I have really loved being all wrapped up, taking those Autumn photos which I take each year. I really love taking these photos, the colours in Autumn are just incredible. I never get bored. There are so many different leaves as well, small, large, colourful..I have taken a few to show you whatContinue reading “October…Autumn/Halloween”

My exercise and eating habits

I know I know! Another person talking about their weight and exercising patterns. Nope I’m not going to tell you what you need to do..you already know that. I wanted to share my ups and downs with exercise and how over the last 2 years I’ve struggled to get to where I want to be.Continue reading “My exercise and eating habits”

When all your hard work has paid off…

Ever actually reached your goal? Well over the years i can honestly say i have really tested myself, i have created some really nice hand-made items which have sold to an incredible height to all kinds of different people, some wanting completely different designs from the next person. They are all something i am veryContinue reading “When all your hard work has paid off…”