My Top looks for December…

I have been on the look out for my new top’s what I found.

White Knitted Jumper £8.99 from H&M they go great with the suit trousers and black turtle neck. Casual but dressy. Great look!

I do love the winter months and I think you can really dress up yourselves and your wardrobe. Why not?!

I have the above jumper, it’s from H&M also, it is the warmest jumper I own and looks great with jeans and white pumps as above. Casual yet effort has been made to look great in this seasons looks.

I have just purchased these Jasper Conran Leather Gloves from Debenhams! They were on offer over the Black Friday weekend! Love them. Great colour.

I have them in black too but I thought a lighter colour to go with a different look would be great.

Great skirt above is great, dressy but yet a Jumper also looks fab along with it. I love the pattern on the front.

Heavy flat boots are my new favourite this season. Along with a skirt and either a top or jumper looks great. I think even when it’s cold, as long as the rest of you is wrapped up it’s a perfect look. You could also wear black tights for extra warmth.

These warm-lined high tops make me smile, I really want to buy these and are keeping my eyes open for the Christmas/January sales, just my luck though they won’t be in it.

£59.99 at the moment from H&M but as I’m not in a huge need for shoes that’s why I thought I would wait and see!

I love the brown platforms I think it goes really well in making the shoe look chunky and edgy.

Love this Long-Line Jacket, you could also wear it with a skirt but I do think this look is very creative and standout-ish! It says style all over. Great with the boots and socks. It’s something I am liking at the moment, big heavy boots and skirts. The jacket is £39.99 from H&M.

This is one I purchased recently. I just really liked the quilted arm effect and the style, definitely need a warm coat for this time of year and this was perfect. From Boohoo! £45

Hope you all loved my new top picks for December, there are many many more but it would be a forever list if I carried on!

Enjoy reading x


My First Children’s Book – On Amazon to purchase❤️📚

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you all my below book and how I came to write it.

I have always loved writing, whether it be essays i did at school to stories for coursework. I have always felt very excited when writing a new story or having a new idea. I was at the time writing a chick flick but found myself having the writers block so I took a break and a step back and left it for a week or so.

I then had a random idea of three small bears, little adventures and lots of learning along the way. So I started to write and by the time I had finished I realised so was the story.

I had shown it only to my parents as I am always so critical of my work and I trust them above anyone else, they read it and told me how good they thought it was, as I re-read I then started to imagine what I wanted them to look like, so I drew them and continued until I had all of the illustrations for the whole story.

I then got to looking at publishing houses, I had no idea what it was I was looking for but thought it would be best to search the internet and do some good research and take a look at all I come across and go with my gut instinct. Luckily it paid off and my book got published July this year. It took around 3 months to be published as obviously I’m not the only one with a book to publish so I had to wait in line until they worked on mine.

I started writing it November 2017 and got in contact with the publisher in the following March 2018. It all happened very fast and I now have 7 more ideas of books which include the same three small bears.

I am sharing this with you all because if you had of told me I would publish a children’s book and it would be liked enough to go all the way and be available on Amazon to buy I would have laughed so hard!! But the truth is, determination and hard work can really get you anywhere you want to go, I’m not saying it will be easy by no means but my life it is so worth it, to look back and say, I went for it and achieved what I set out to do.

Just take a deep breath and go for it! X 🙂 X

Marks & Spencer’s Fashion & Christmas Picks

My shopping trip with my Mom was amazing! We had the best time, Marks & Spencer’s is one of my all time favourite shops.

I have taken a few pics of some of our top picks.

The layouts of the tables they have on display, the plates and glasses do make the table look even more sophisticated.

If you have been out and about and seen some fabulous Christmas accessories then share them ❤️

I have also added some fashion items which my Mom found ❤️ I do think together these pieces are very edgy!

TopShop Bags 🛍

On my shopping trip over the weekend I found some real treasures, the bags I found in TopShop ooze glamorous and expensive but with realistic price tags.

I love the below style bag, very bucket like. Loads of room inside. Very Glam!

Again the below style but with the round coin style around the edges. How cute! This is on my list for purchases. Great present for yourself and why not!

Red is definitely the colour for this season! I have noticed there’s so many accessories around in red! Although I don’t usually buy a great deal in this colour I do think adding a bag or scarf to an outfit would definitely be the way to go.

The below cane in soo many different colours, I do like the style very much!

I just this style too!! Small but very very cute. I need this bag……

I have seen these a lot over the last few months. Even though I wouldn’t purchase myself I do really like this, just for me maybe a bag you would take for a holiday extra!

Make Matalan Your Number 1 – Part 2

Sooo Part 2 is Winter ☺️ I love this season, there is something very special about winter. The feeling of being wrapped up, knowing Christmas is on the way and being able to get away with eating more than what you would normally and it being ok!! There’s nothing better.

But most of all, the clothes……so many new clothes come out ready for the colder period. I have found so many. Matalan is a definitely in my top 5.

Take a look at some of my favourites below…. 👠👗👛🛍

Jumpers are great. Especially if you don’t want to take a huge coat on a less chillier day!

Thanks for reading x

Make Matalan Your Number 1 – Part 1 (My Top 20 picks)

Over the weekend I went on a mission to look at Matalan, one because I hadn’t been to shop there in well over 2 years and two because a lot of fashion shops are doing a re-vamp of their products.

So I went to my local Matalan and wow is all I can say! Me and my Mom found so so many gorgeous clothes. I’m doing a part 1 and part 2 as there are just so many items I loved and took a quick snap of. I wanted to share them with you to give you some ideas on what looks good for the coming autumn season!

I took some photos of them which were my favourite….get ready as there are loads!! I thought I would do a top 20 for this part 1 and see what you all think of them.

First up, tops, 2 are the same just a different colour and the other which is a lace trim at the top, I love the mustard colour, it is definitely the colour for this season….

Next up cardigans!!! I have been looking around for a nice cardigan for a while now and found two I really liked. Perfect with suit trousers or a mid-length skirt, black tights and a heel maybe!

Next up……I loveeeee this skirt, I will be purchasing this when I go in Matalan next week! I just love it. Soo many things you can add to this, I would add a lace bodysuit or a dressy vest top! When I do purchase this I will post a picture of me wearing it and you can see what it looks like!

Next is that mustard colour again! *Favourite* black goes well with this or white, also a grey! Hmmmm

These 2 below are very cutesy ! The one on the right is great for a wedding day, as you can add a nice hat or fascinator, add a bag and shoes and your good to go👍🏼

I enjoy wearing skirts as you can dress your look up or dress it down to a comfy outfit. Either way you will look great.

Although I don’t own a rucksack I have been closely watching the newbies coming out more and more, I wasn’t a huge fan to begin with but I do think they have grown on me, there’s all different types, colours and styles. This is also on my list to buy.

Next up shoes! These were all under £30, amazing, bargains galore. Quality in the clothing and shoes will not disappoint you. You use your points card each time you purchase and gain reward points! What could be better! I will also be doing a home wear blog as some of their accessories for the home are so beautiful.

Hope you all enjoyed my Top 20 Part 1 for Matalan. Part 2 will be up in the next few days!

Thanks for reading 🙂 x

New Buys, New Skincare Reviews…

So I thought I would share a few of my new purchases…I’m mega excited I got hold of these products as honestly I couldn’t ask for better skin care, especially as we are coming into winter.

I bought all of the below from Superdrug and at the time they had a huge offer on.

If you buy two skin care items you get vitamin E all over body cream, oatmeal exfoliating scrub and a sponge for free!! Me and my Mom have tried the free gift and Oh My we love it!! It has real oatmeal pieces inside the scrub and smells amazing! Amazing free gift!

The two items we purchased were the Neutrogena daily scrubs. One is for your pores and the other is to eliminate blackheads….they feel sooo silky smooth against your skin, as I have found with some they can be quite rough and it leaves my skin feeling a bit sore. So if you have delicate skin these are perfect! Your skin afterwards is left feeling amazingly soft and silky.

I use it morning and night and the results have been fabulous. As the weather is now changing I started to notice my skin starting to dry slightly, I didn’t want this to continue so straight away I went on the search for something I hadn’t tired before and I am so glad I did! The perfect facial care for winter I say….😍

Next up we have a big favourite of mine and that is the coconut range inecto naturals, they also do hair serum and more body creams. I got this one because I liked the bottle size. It smells amazing and it’s perfect after a nice soak in the bath. Highly recommend this one!

Well…..Palmers I have this in two types of hand cream, one is intense and the other is just a normal palmers hand cream, but I also treated myself to this body lotion pump bottle. I love having a few body lotions at one time as firstly you never run out (which I hate) and secondly having different favourites you can choose from at one time….what could be more perfect?!

Enjoy reading…don’t forget to let me know what you think of these if you have tried them!