Plans for my 30th Birthday

So as I have mentioned my 30th birthday is coming up….in 4 months 😟 and I need to plan lots of really fun stuff to do.

First on my list is to book a trip to Ireland – Tick ✅ booked for 2020 (Yay)

Next on my list was to buy a holiday home in one of my favourite places – (sort of ✅ I actually put the money down for this March 2020, but we will still go with it)

A shopping trip is definitely needed so I have booked 2, one to Cheshire and one to Liverpool as I have had recommendations for both. Tick ✅✅

A trip to London at Christmas time which I can’t wait for in a really lavish Hotel (I will be taking lots of photos and will keep track of everything I get up to whilst there) that’s booked for December. Tick ✅

Now this is all I have planned so far!

I have looked online to find out what else I could do but I have no idea, could really do with some help.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment below, I would be very grateful 🙂

Thanks all x


My Shopping Spree

Recently I have been on a mission to re-fill my wardrobe with all new clothes….so far I have purchased new shoes, a bag, tops, jeans, accessories and a jacket.

I do need a lot more but i think building it up gradually is the best way as lots of new styles are being bought out each month…

I loooooovee these, at the time I got these I wasn’t actually looking for shoes but it was like they called out my name, so I had to buy them. They are surprisingly roomy and comfortable, I doubt I will go for miles and miles of walking in them but shorter trips out then these are great.

Ahhh I also love this style of bag, ‘bucket bag’ I have seen these a few times whilst out shopping but tried to resist the urge to buy one, but the last time I was out shopping I couldn’t quite be as strong. It was from New Look at £19.99 but have recently been on their app and seen it is now £14.99 so grab a bargain while it’s on sale.

There are so many new looks I just love, this one was from River Island, I hadn’t been in there for months and months but when I had gone to the one in the Bullring I spent soo long in there just looking at everything.

The jumper in this photo was soo nice, good quality, but as I have bought a lot of jumpers I thought it best not to have a whole wardrobe full of them.

This works so well together, I don’t own a pair of white boots and not sure if I ever would until I saw this model in River Island, the whole look works so well and the boots really sets off the look….watch this space, I may be buying some soon! 👀

I will be posting more things I have purchased very soon as I mentioned in the weekend blog I have been doing lots of shopping lately!

Thanks for reading 🙂 x

What I do on some of my Weekends…….

Hi all,

I have recently started a writing course, which is going to help me with my next book. I think I have already mentioned in previous blogs about my first published book which was last year. I am now looking to write my second book which I have started, I get so excited when I sit down and either type new ideas or write them, I feel like I have so much to get out. I enjoy the buzz it gives me, I feel writing is endless, there literally isn’t any limits on what you can write.

Image result for writing cartoon

This weekend I haven’t managed to do a great deal of writing as it’s my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary so it’s been nice to spend time with them and chillout. We have days out planned and meals booked with family and friends, which will be fun, they deserve all the fuss and attention as they really are the best people I know.

When I don’t write, I do try to read and at the moment I am reading ‘Jane Costello’ – Bridesmaids, it is hilarious and I am only part way in. I love books that literally get you laughing out loud, they are the best kind. Highly recommend!!

I have also been a bit obsessed with new clothes, so at the start of the year I decided to completely empty out my wardrobe and draws and start a fresh, this took 3-4 attempts at being really really brutal. Firstly I started in the wardrobe, I went through each item of clothing vigorously which was great as some tops and trousers I did have I hadn’t actually seen for months if not years. I emptied it of tops, jeans, dressy trousers, coats and light jackets. The first around I think I had 2 big piles of things I didn’t want, most of which was still in great condition so I took them around the local charity shop, the rest went in the recycling bin for clothes.

The second time around I looked through my chest of drawers and third wardrobe cupboard, this I managed to get rid of older PJ’s, worn out jogging bottoms, old t-shirts, socks etc. That time I had another 2 piles to throw away. The third and fourth time were pretty much the same, only there was another 3 piles I threw away. So I was now left with absolutely nothing almost, the following weekend I went shopping and bought over £200-£300 worth of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. You name it….I bought it!


It feels good and very much needed, it had been so long since I had actually took a step back and cleaned everything out. There are still a few things here and there that I do need, but I am buying them as and when I find things I like. Shoes and bags seem to be my downfall, I have so many (I did get rid of 4 bags and 3 pairs of shoes also!) but I can’t seem to help myself purchasing more. 

I am enjoying buying all new clothes and revamping my clothing range, it’s a lot of fun, so if you’re thinking of doing this but feel like I did (scared) like I wanted to cry and hang on to everything I had, but you have to be strong ladies and get started, it’s only still very early in the year, go upstairs and look through everything you have, if you haven’t worn it for over 6 months it’s time to say bye to it.

Send over some comments on any of the above or if like me you have just emptied your whole clothing collection and also feel amazing for it 🙂

Thanks for reading x

Is 30 just the start of your life?

I have reached the year of the Big 3 0, I am not quite sure how I feel about reaching this age, I mean don’t get me wrong I am happy and grateful I am alive (just to make that clear) but I mean in the sense of me being 30.

It has always been people I know who have reached big numbers in age, friends over the years have reached a certain age like 25 and upwards and I’ve been the one to say ‘you have nothing to worry about, it’s not even an old age’ but as I have now found out, when reaching the age yourself you are questioning if you lied to your friends at the time or if you did genuinely mean it, which I do believe i did mean it when I said it to them.

I just don’t quite know how I feel getting to this point myself. I have always imagined myself at a certain point in my life when reaching 30, I would have settled down and would have at least 2 children, (this was what me and my friends would try and plan ahead for, we were about 12 or 13 at the time) it was what all girls did back then, we even used to plan the interior or our homes to be.

It kept us busy and it is really sweet looking back thinking of everything we used to talk about. (Although I won’t go into too much detail about all of that as it’s very embarrassing)

So yes being 30 I should have done all of those things like meet the man of my dreams, buy a house, get married and have children. But it hasn’t worked out that way at all. But you know what, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I love my life and what I do, I have enjoyed lots of holidays and weekends away, nights out with friends and family making lots of memories to cherish forever. I feel I have achieved what I set out to do in other ways, I love writing and blogging, last year I had my very first children’s book published and released on Amazon (still have to pinch myself about this) I am writing more as we speak so fingers crossed for those. I enjoy blogging and writing lots about lifestyle, fashion, food etc. I feel like there is never a dead end in writing, there is always something to write about, I get a huge buzz from sitting in front of my laptop or grabbing a notepad and pen and just letting myself get carried away with whatever it is I feel I need to say.

I am now aiming for lots of new goals, some are still the same as before but some are very new and big. I won’t jinx anything by telling you now but when I reach what I am aiming for (because I will) then I will share it all with you and my experiences along the way.

I’m going to try not to let 30 scare me, I am going to embrace a new set of numbers (my 30s) and see what that holds for me, I am a big believer in if you really want something then you work hard to get it, it won’t come to you. So that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading x 💋

Adventure #Summer #MoreDaylight

Over the last few days I feel the summer is slowly trying to shine through, it has felt very sunny and a lot warmer than the weather we have experienced in the recent weeks. Especially Thursday and Friday of last week, I noticed the weather a lot calmer and brighter. It makes me feel like booking holidays and planning day trips.

So far I have booked a holiday to Ireland with my family for next year 2020. Which we are very excited about.

We are staying in Cork when we go, which is where our ancestors were from.

I have also booked a London trip for me and my Mom later on in the year. I will make sure to post up my photos for you all to see what we did and where we went.

I am also planning day trips to lots of places I haven’t been to yet or not for a long time anyway. So again when I have been I will make sure I post my photos on here and tell you some of the best parts of the country to go to this year…..

We have a holiday booked for Cornwall in the Summer which I cannot wait for, you know when you feel like it can’t come quick enough, that’s sort of what it feels like now. I’m trying not to use any holidays up at work, so that I have more to play about with in the summer months. It is very hard though.

What are your plans for this year? Any holidays booked or planned?

Thanks for reading all, speak soon 🙂 x

Eye Shadow Pallets & What I Have Found…

Hi all… 🙂

Recently I have been on the look out for eyeshadow pallets and have I found a lot of gems. It has been an on going thing for a while, back when I was around 16-17 I always loved makeup but never found any eyeshadows that would last the whole day, I would apply it in the mornings for either school or college but find that at about afternoon time it would have completely left my eyes and disappeared. This infuriated me as I just looked as if apart from mascara and a bit of foundation I had nothing on my face at all, and obviously at school and college you want to look your best.

Anyway so through the years I have searched and searched around for an eyeshadow that is long lasting.

Firstly I used Rimmel which by the way I still use and have recently just bought a new version of the one I have as its running low, it is my favourite eyeshadow pallet by far!! (See pic below)

These colours are my go to. You can’t see as clearly as in real life but the middle pink (6th from the left) is what I use. But I also do use a base first (first 3 from the left) as this adds to the colour of the final look. Then I will use (6th from the left) as this adds the sparkly effect that everybody sees. It lasts the whole day while at work and I just love it. I add a layer of my favourite Bourjois to my lips and good to go.

The below is what I’ve had as a present Christmas just gone…C.Y.O is the name. I have used this twice and I have to say I really like the colours, they are very vibrant and again long lasting. I hadn’t heard of this brand until I received this gift so I will be looking into more of their range.

I do tend to use the lighter golds and pinks for myself on an everyday basis, but I am starting to try the new colours, I don’t want to go to different to start with as it could look very shocking but I will add each time a bit more of a different colour and see how it goes. I don’t want to look too drastic if I just switch from light to dark.

Obsession is also a new one for me, I’ve used it 3 or 4 times. There nice colours but I think they need a bit of help with maybe using a base from another brand and then maybe adding a top colour over it or vice versa as it doesn’t tend to last as long, compared to the Rimmel & C.Y.O.

I recently purchased the 2 above pallets from Superdrug and at the time they were doing buy 2 over £12 and get 1 pallet free. So I chose the below pallet. I am a huge fan already. I have tried all three and mixed and matched each. I am experimenting with each and along side Rimmel it is a great brand to use. Great colour choices, long lasting and very vibrant colours for everyday/night out wear. I am excited to try the different colours but mostly just to have a big variety to play with is great.

What girl wouldn’t love these!! Not sure if the offer at Superdrug is still on, but I’m sure there are other offers if this one has ended now. So get looking for a great bargain.

Take care & thanks for reading x 🙂

Must Have Reads…

Over the winter months I have been reading lots and lots…I have been researching a lot on what’s new and what’s good to read.

I have started reading a book I bought for myself over Christmas with a voucher I had bought me..I bought to the below book and O M G!! It’s amazing. I am half way through but I can safely say it is amazing. I am actually taking my time reading it because I don’t want it to end.

It really does have it all, determination, learning, friendship, drama, enemies. It’s just a great read.

It’s about a girl who hasn’t really had a great start to life, she lost her Mom quite young and was looked after by her stepmother, who is shall we say hardly anything even close that resembles a motherly figure.

She goes to Rosewood but all isn’t as she thought it might be…I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

There is a second book in the series….which I will be purchasing very soon!

If anyone has read either the first or both of these let me know your thoughts!!

I will be adding more of the books I have found and read later on the in the next few months.

Enjoy x